2. Understand, love, and care for the community of life.

Photo: Peter van der Sluijs

Photo: Kiva

The money from Kiva has enabled me to earn a living for myself and my family. I am now able to make sure my children go to school and receive an education so that they have a brighter future.

Entrepreneur - Kiva

Photo: Kiva

The students studied the global economy; they became interested in finding a new solution to support people in developing countries and found a way to do this without creating any dependency on charity. They turned study into real global community life and action.

Kathryn Loughnan - Director of Enterprise and Unique Ethos

Using micro-finance to fund would be entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Project Emerge is a rapidly growing social enterprise dedicated to investing micro finance into new businesses using an organisation called Kiva. It was founded with the aim of helping those who have ideas to improve their quality of life but cannot do it for themselves because they do not have the necessary resources.

The team has taken part in a lot of opportunities, such as the Tenner Challenge, where they won a prize for the Best Social Impact, showing that it isn’t just the amount of money you raise that is important, but also how much difference it makes to others. They also ensure fellow students get to vote on where the finance goes. They feel this is another important aspect of their work because it helps to support the unique ethos of their college and encourages students to become global citizens.

As well as learning how to run a small company, they are finding out a great deal about finance which might not have interested them had it not been for the focus of their social enterprise.

A. Respect And Care For The Community Of Life