3. Find ways for people to live together peacefully and work together for the good of all.

Photo: Deep South Media

Photo: Avonbourne College

Our Earth Charter Ambassadors were superb, they worked with their younger visitors to help them understand what social justice and equality means through a range of fantastic workshops about real life heroes.

Nikki Barr - Year 7 Learning Co-ordinator

Photo: Free the Children

Free the Children were delighted to be invited to this wonderful event. We have had great support from Avonbourne students this year. This was further evidence of their commitment to working together for the common good. A really inspirational day!

Joe McGinn - Free the Children Facilitator

Providing Earth Charter education, working together for the good of all.

Each year we welcome hundreds of primary school children to our annual Earth Charter Event. Our special theme was heroes and the Year 5 students from Kings Park Primary, Malmesbury Park, Stourfield Junior and Bethany learned we can all be heroes for more than just one day. They learned all about social justice and equality and how everyone can be heroes in their own and the global community. After a morning of workshops they came together in the afternoon for the Earth Charter Event.

Here they explored a range of stalls which celebrated real life heroes like Nelson Mandela and Burma’s opposition leader Aung San Sui Kyi. They were also able to ‘buy’ a range of peace inspired and Fair Trade products plus partake in games and activities using special green coins. This fun event gave our young visitors an opportunity to explore the principles of the Earth Charter as well as gain a glimpse into life at Avonbourne. Our own students from Year 7 took a lead in the event and did us proud – they ran many of the stalls and supported their younger peers in the activities held throughout the day.

A. Respect And Care For The Community Of Life