Pictures of Success is an innovative sustainability engagement process with a track-record of inspiring and educating people in businesses, the local community and schools. It was originally developed by the CarbonSense Foundation in the course of a project to engage people in the Millennium Development Goals by using the Earth Charter – a declaration of fundamental ethical principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society.

Using real picture-based stories and changing the language from ‘sustainability’ to ‘success’ has enabled positive outreach to a wide audience.

Staff and students from Avonbourne College took part in the early stages of the project and hosted an introductory event for people from local businesses and community groups and, together with staff and students from Harewood College, took a leading role in the subsequent Earth Charter Awards.

The richness of Pictures of Success and the intensity of the global conversation they inspire provides schools with hundreds of hours of resources.

Debbie Godfrey-Phaure, Executive Headteacher, Avonbourne and Harewood Colleges

The Earth Charter was launched in The Hague in 2000 after a worldwide, cross-cultural conversation about common goals and shared values. It has been used as a guiding framework by governments and civil society organisations around the world. More recently, it has started to become better known amongst companies and other organisations in the UK.

The Earth Charter seeks to inspire in all people a new sense of shared responsibility for the well-being of the human family, the greater community of life and future generations.

The Earth Charter

The Earth Charter is a philosophy for success. It charts a way forward for the human race, for business and towards a more sustainable way of life.

Peter Head OBE, Director, Arup

Further information:

International site of the Earth Charter Initiative

Download The Earth Charter

Download Diagram of the Earth Charter Principles

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