5. Protect and restore the web of life.

Photo: Monkey World

Georgia and Danni have combined their caring natures with excellent entrepreneurial skills to raise a fantastic amount of money for a good cause.

Debbie Godfrey-Phaure

Photo: Euro news

We started Corgreen when we did a project at college about animal adoption packages. Hearing about how many endangered species there were in the world made us both want to do our bit to help raise money for the organisation working to protect these animals from extinction. Avonbourne is a Fairtrade college so we thought selling Fairtrade goods was a good way to make enough profit to fund the adoptions and support the Fairtrade status of the college.

Georgia Brooker

Supporting Fairtrade, animal adoption and fostering healthy eating.

Georgia Brooker and Danni Cotterill, formed their own social enterprise company to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and supporting the producers of Fairtrade goods. Calling themselves Corgreen, the two teenagers through their efforts attracted a £500 endorsement from the Co-op. They also sold Bournemouth Borough Council 50 Corgreen bags containing a range of Fairtrade treats. Profits were used to purchase animal adoption packs to help those animals facing extinction. The students also encouraged their peers to opt for healthy Fairtrade snacks to help combat the growing problem of teenage obesity in the UK.

B. All Forms Of Life Are Interconnected