7. Live and do business in ways that are healthy for Earth and for people.

Photo: Deep South Media

Photo: Deep South Media

We are thrilled to receive this award in recognition of our focus on Diversity & Inclusion and to have participated in this great event with Avonbourne and Harewood Colleges

Aaron Manners - J P Morgan

Photo: Deep South Media

We were delighted to receive the award. Our Carbon Stoppers initiative continues to raise awareness in the community and it’s fantastic to see these students involved in such a great project.

Gareth Edwards - Yellow Buses

Young people thank local businesses playing an important role in looking after the environment.

Avonbourne College host the annual Earth Charter Awards competition which culminates in a celebration event at the Greenhouse Hotel sponsored by Castlepoint Management. The Earth Charter is a statement of intent for humanity and encompasses both environmental and human rights issues. We use it as a vehicle for developing the sustainability agenda at Avonbourne and Harewood Colleges as well as other Global Citizenship issues.

In the Bournemouth and Poole region there are plenty of people working in organisations who deserve recognition for helping build sustainability into business and who would meet many of the goals of the Earth Charter. This event encourages our corporate partners to celebrate their achievements and enables them to network with like minded individuals.

B. All Forms Of Life Are Interconnected