11. Secure equality for women and girls.

Photo: Howard Curtis

Photo: Avonbourne College

The Sixth Form Student Council received workshop training from Free the Children and this inspired them to get involved with the rafiki sales. As education is very much their focus right now they felt it was important to help others who didn't have the same opportunities.

Hannah Beck - Head of Sixth Form Student Council

Students collaborate with Maasai mamas on equality for women and girls.

Education is an essential building block. It creates the foundation for a stable global community. When children are educated, entire communities attain the knowledge and tools to break the cycle of poverty, for themselves and for future generations. Girls are much more likely than boys to miss out on education, and all the benefits it brings.

That’s exactly why our students decided to take action and work with Free the Children. Every unique, handmade £5 ABC Education Rafiki Friend Chain sold equips a child for school for one year, empowers a Maasai mama who earns a fair wage to send her children to school and helps the consumer, make a socially conscious fashion statement.

Avonbourne Enterprise Prefects and the Sixth Form Student Council have raised over £700 to provide the gift of education in Free The Children communities in one academic year alone.

C. Everyone Deserves Equal Opportunity