12. Protect the rights of all people to live in dignity, health, and happiness.

Photo: Carib Digita

Photo: Avonbourne College

Students from Avonbourne College took part in a silent march to City Hall. They joined other schools to help raise awareness of a variety of contemporary issues, ranging from bullying, racism, child labour and homophobia. The silent march started outside Tower Hill station and from there students made their way to City Hall carrying signs and banners highlighting issues that they believed in. They received great support from passersby, some of whom clapped in appreciation.

Paul Robjohn - Teacher of History and Politics

“We went on the silent march trip to protest for all the children that don't get to go to school and have an education. We marched from Tower Bridge to City Hall in silence to make our stand and give a voice to those people who do not have one. We also held posters and banners to tell the public what we were doing. It was rewarding and we felt we made a difference”.

Year 8 - Avonbourne Student

Students working to secure equality of education for all.

The initiative was set up by the Mayor of London to get young Londoners involved in volunteering and social action, in their schools and local communities. The silent march is part of the We Are Silent campaign set up by Free the Children, the international charity and educational partner, which delivers the Mayor's Team London Young Ambassadors programme in schools. The We Are Silent campaign challenges young people of all ages to go silent for 24 hours and stand up for those who voices are not heard—the children around the world who are denied their human rights or those here in the UK who are bullied.

C. Everyone Deserves Equal Opportunity