9. Guarantee that everyone has enough to meet their basic needs.

Photo: Deep South Media

Photo: Free the Children

The competition inspired us to come up with an invention that we believe could really help to make a huge difference to the lives of women and children in developing countries. Our aim now is to get funding to develop this prototype and hopefully one day see it in use, and manufactured, in poorer countries.

Becky Rowland

Photo: Free the Children

To move the container we opted for rubber tracks which we tested across various terrain. Our model features lightweight plastic so that the only real weight is the water being transported. Rather than carrying the water we opted for a pull along method which would enable children to increase their load without causing them strain. To improve the quality of water we included a screw on filter to be attached in the home.

Daria Zglinksa

Making the transportation of water far easier for women and children in developing countries.

The Bournemouth Soroptimist group stages its annual Celebrating Science competition to encourage more budding women scientists. This challenge is for girls in Years 9 and 10 to design, build and cost a project to help people in the poorest parts of the world. As Avonbourne is an International and Earth Charter college, part of our unique ethos ensures that all our students think beyond our local community and consider the global picture. The team of students decided to focus on developing an all terrain water carrier so that they could ensure the basic need of water could be supplied to all.

C. Everyone Deserves Equal Opportunity