13. The purpose of government is to serve and protect the people.

Photo: Deep South Media

Photo: Deep South Media

This project encourages older people who may have felt intimidated by the internet to get involved with it. More and more activities will take place online in the future, including government services. This is an approach that ticks so many boxes. It gets young people into the habit of helping others because we need a strong society where young people grow up knowing that we all depend on each other.

Minister for the Cabinet Office - Francis Maude MP

Photo: Libby Rees

This is a fantastic intergenerational project; the benefits are not just elderly people getting online, we have young and old joined in learning when they rarely come into contact in society nowadays.

Kathryn Loughnan - Director of Enterprise and Unique Ethos

Award-winning ‘digi steps’ receives cabinet approval.

digi steps, links year 8 students as buddies to older people to help them get online and learn about emerging technologies, to ensure they are not left in the digital dark. This not for profit group have already won a Big Society Award, the British Interactive Media Association Award and a Diana Award for their pioneering project.

Top branding agency Heavenly in London provided support to the team with a professional branding package. Locally Redweb Solutions invited the team to their offices to help them assess how they could roll out the model across the UK.

D. Protect Freedoms And Create Peace