16. Encourage people to use their words to resolve conflicts.

Photo: Diana Award

Photo: Avonbourne College

The student ambassadors undergo training to ensure they have the correct skills set to be able to resolve conflicts effectively and restore harmony where there has been a misunderstanding. They can also inspire students through the work that they have undertaken.

Sam Tanner - Pastoral Head for Nightingale House

Photo: Diana Award

Since receiving the Diana Award I have been motivated to follow other youth opportunities. I am currently working as an ambassador to support students who wish to volunteer overseas in developing countries.

Louis Rylance - Sixth Form Student & Diana Award Holder

Our young people are the best placed to bring about positive change.

Avonbourne has always been recognised as having an excellent pastoral support unit. It is respected by staff, parents and pupils alike. The pastoral heads have continued to build on this excellent reputation by improving and implementing the policies of the college whilst maintaining an effective and caring service. Students need to have a sense of belonging and feel that they are being heard if a problem arises. The pastoral heads listen, try to identify the problem and provide an effective solution and implement it to try and ensure that the students succeed academically. One strategy they employ to encourage students to use words to resolve conflicts is peer mentoring.

The programme offers fun, informative and interactive training to students to help them tackle issues withing the student population. The practical ideas, information and top tips leave our young ambassadors feeling confident, motivated and inspired to resolve any conflicts. We recognise that young people are the best agents for positive change in our college community.

D. Protect Freedoms And Create Peace